Please note - as of version 1.1.0, what was known as the speak command has become utter.
This new version works directly with AVS - we think you will love it!
Run an npm update bespoken-tools -g to get this latest functionality.

The speak command communicates to a virtual device to test your skills with text as if they were voice commands.

It allows you to test your skill without using a physical device and it will return the generated audio response converted to text as well as the card data and possible audio streams that could have been returned.


To invoke the speak command, simply type:

$ bst speak <UTTERANCE>

For example:

$ bst speak Tell My Skill hello

On the first run the command will provide the instructions to obtain a token. You will see an output like this:

BST: v1.0.8  Node: v7.10.1

You need a token for this option to work, get it here:

    (Bespoken Dashboard account required for use of this feature)

Then try again with:

    bst speak --token <ProvidedToken> <Speech to try>

Provide the token generated by following the instructions on the provided link.

    bst speak --token <ProvidedToken> Tell My Skill hello

Now you will get the expected response

    Hello from My Skill.

From then on you can use the command without the token.